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7 of the Dirtiest Surfaces in Your Home, and How to Clean them Naturally

Over the winter months when cold & flu season is rampant, you may not even be considering some of the dirtiest, germiest surfaces in your home, office and car. Today we’re sharing some of the dirtiest surfaces in your life and some tips on how to clean them naturally. 1. Your phone, tablet & keyboard You’re touching them all day, and you’re probably not wiping them down enough. To disinfect your phone or tablet safely and naturally, create a solution of equal parts isopropyl alcohol and water, wet a cloth with it and wipe it clean. Don’t spray anything directly on your devices, because you don’t want it to drip into the ports or speakers. Use this same solution to...

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Unexpected Ways to Use Baking Soda for a Toxin-free Home

If you’re determined to make your home toxin-free, think about what alternatives you can use for the some of the chemical products that you currently use around the house. Along with using Absolute Green’s all-natural products, have you ever thought about the many ways that baking soda can help you with your toughest cleaning jobs? It’s cheap, it’s non-toxic, and it is so effective! Odor Absorbing Power You probably already know that you can use it in your fridge to absorb fridge smells;  that’s a no-brainer. But did you know that the same odor-absorbing power can be used outside your fridge? Sprinkle it on mattresses, pet beds, and even furniture. Leave for a couple hours, and vacuum away to freshen...

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My Journey Towards Going Green

When I was in elementary school we were taught about recycling and that was all I thought I had to do to help the environment. As I got older, I still ignored other ways of going green because it didn’t seem important to me at the time. Seeing how our planet is being affected by the choices we make every day makes me realize my actions need to change. The small changes we all make to our lifestyles can make a difference in saving the Earth.  As a millennial and recent college graduate, when buying products the price is my determining factor. Throughout college I always bought brands that I was familiar with and that were most importantly on sale....

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