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Natural Household Solutions

No Gloves or masks needed!

Absolute Green began due to chemical sensitivites and allergies to synthetic fragrances. Our goal was to make effective products using only plant-based - 100% natural ingredients that are safe for you, your family, your pets and the earth. Our products are non-toxic, free from nasty chemicals, biodegradable, eco-friendly.  Breathe in...It's all good!

Absolute Green


Absolutely the best air freshener in a lavender scent that I have EVER used. It smells like fresh lavender flowers have entered your home and it lasts for a long time...A+++

Cynthia M

My mother introduced this to me a while ago and I've been using ever since. I have 2 large dogs with allergy issues so wanted to stick with as many chemical free cleaners as possible. Honestly, even I didn't deal with allergy issues in my home I would use this product! It works awesome on EVERYTHING!! My granite, stainless steel I even use on my floors sometimes too!! The best Truly Multipurpose Cleaner Ever!! The wonderful smell is just a huge plus!